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"This natural mute made of horn allows a plasticity of musical expression unrivalled by previous plastic models. Further advantages are a dramatically expanded colour palette, the absence of the reduction in dynamic range observed with conventional mutes, and significantly purer vibrational behaviour."

1st violins principal of the Vienna Philharmonic

"A mute that makes the sound recede into the distance with unique colours without negatively affecting the purity and playability of the instrument."

Johannes TOMBÖCK,
violin, member of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra

"After over 60 years of playing the cello (nearly half a century as a professional), I’ve finally found my ideal mute. Like many players, I’ve used pretty much every available type of mute: ebony, rubber (“Tourte”), leather, aluminum…what am I forgetting?
What distinguishes the Eenhar mute is that it allows the richness of the instrument to ring while at the same time lending a luminous coloration along with lessening the volume. One is tempted to say that if composers in the past had had this sort of mute at their disposal, there would’ve been more music written for muted strings.

One other thing: as a physical object, the tactile and visual properties of this mute are aesthetically very pleasing."

Roger LEBOW,
Cello, LA Opera (retired), chamber and solo player

"Sublime mute made of horn material, a most velvety sound !

Bravissimo Eenhar !"

Amanda FAVIER,
Violin, solo and chamber player

"I've just recorded with the Czech National Symphony Orchestra (CNSO) and I used this mute for the last part of one of the pieces. The sound was incredible. I finally put the mute on the D string for that passage. It's clear that I've never heard a sound like that, so warm, so interesting and which preserves such a sound range for a mute, thank you so much again!"

Violin soloist,  Head of the Violin Class at the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance

"I am very impressed and fascinated by interesting tone colours that I had not been able to experience with a mute yet."

Concertmaster of the Sächsische Staatskapelle Dresden

Video from the Deutsche Grammophon YouTube channel with the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra: the mute appears from the 20th second in close-up

Induction ceremony of Professor Leonidas KAVAKOS at the Academy of Athens, 29 November 2022. An Eenhar® mute is clearly visible on his instrument (at 55'24" of the video)

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