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Sourdinnen aus Har

fir Sträichinstrumenter

Created by an orchestral musician, Eenhar was born from the need to have a mute that totally meets a pure musical requirement, while remaining really practical to use at the same time.


The specificity of horn mutes, as Eenhar is the only one to produce them today, is to colour the sound of the instrument by modifying the distribution of the harmonic spectrum without reducing the sound range. This is obviously the aim of the composers who request the use of the mute during the performance of a work, and this is what gives Eenhar mutes their characteristic tone.

Horn has been known for centuries as the best material for making mutes, but its rigidity has not made it possible until now to make models that are quick and easy to put onto the bridge or to anchor it on the instrument when not in use. It was therefore necessary to develop the ideal shape that would allow these operations to be carried out quickly enough in the most demanding situations, whether in the orchestra, in chamber music or as a soloist.

In addition to their musical and practical qualities, Eenhar horn mutes are, thanks to their timeless shape and the beauty of the material used, real jewels worthy of the most prestigious instruments. They are made exclusively of natural, biodegradable and non-toxic materials, and the manufacturing process does not produce any waste: the leftover material can be used directly as biological fertilizer and the tools that are no longer in use are completely recycled.

Eenhar mutes are ideally designed to accompany professional, student or amateur musicians throughout their career, and their development has been focused on the search for materials that are entirely natural but extremely resistant and with the most durable qualities.

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