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Our horn material

Our collection of horn materials does not in itself require any slaughtering (on the contrary, the longer an animal lives, the bigger and thicker its horns will become, which is the primary quality sought by craftsmen who work with it), nor is it taken from live animals.

It is either a by-product of slaughter for butchery, or is recovered after the natural death of the animal. It is nowadays used in knife- and bow-making, eyeglasses, jewellery or decoration, but most often for the production of natural fertiliser.


In order to offer you the most beautiful mutes, we use the horn from the following domestic species:

Buffle domestique ovale.png
  • Water buffaloes (Bubalus bubalis), which give the black horn of the 'Schwaarz' product line, but also lighter and translucent horns.

Boeuf domestique ovale.png
  • Domestic cattle (Bos taurus), whose opaque horn is veined with different colours.

Bélier domestique ovale.png
  • Rams (male sheep, Ovis aries), with a very homogeneous and smooth, usually light-coloured horn.

We only use horn from domestic breeds, which are not rare or endangered species. There is therefore no issue travelling with our products in most countries of the world.

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