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Philosophy and concept


The Eenhar® project aims, through the production of high-end mutes for stringed instruments (development of other types of items, musical or otherwise, has been already planned):

1 -

Creating and promoting objects made of fine and 100% natural materials, the production of which is extremely close to zero waste. Raw material scraps and waste, exclusively of plant or animal origin, are entirely compostable and reused as natural fertiliser. The rest of the production waste is essentially the recyclable packaging of raw materials. The pollution footprint is kept as small as possible (i.e. limited to the energy needs of a small craft workshop and the transport of raw materials and finished products by post). This goal was achieved from the very beginning of the project, due to the nature of the items offered and their production method.

2 -

Restoring a traditional and now all but lost know-how around the splendid natural material which the horn is. With the contribution of new technologies, it is possible to propose a new form of craft, both modern and high-precision. It is also about offering innovative products that are simultaneously aesthetic, fit for the demanding needs of daily use, and totally original compared to the current market offer.

3 -

Although all the products are intended to be distributed worldwide via an online sales site, short production circuits are also a central feature of the project. First of all, by manufacturing the products in the Grand Duchy, and then by keeping as much as possible the supply chain of raw materials at local level, whenever possible in direct relationship with Luxembourgish producers (breeders and slaughterhouses), at least as far as horn and bone are concerned. This allowed the company to obtain the "Made in Luxembourg" label. Contributing to Luxembourg's cultural, and particularly musical, influence is particularly motivating.

Five years of research and development, financed from personal funds, were necessary for the creation of this craft company producing high-end, natural, non-polluting and long-lasting products.

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