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Instructions for use

Mode d'emploi Fig1.png

Fig. 1

When not in use, the mute is anchored to the 2nd or 3rd string, behind the bridge, thanks to the small elastic pads on its inner side. These are designed to fit many different string diameters, either metal-wound strings or plain gut.

Mode d'emploi Fig2.png

Fig. 2

The mute works by pinching itself on the bridge, with its two shorter legs facing the fingerboard and its two longer legs facing the tailpiece.

Illustration 3.jpg

Fig. 3

To store the mute back to its standby position, pull it horizontally towards the tailpiece while pressing it down onto the string. This oblique movement ensures a better anchoring of the mute. Do not attach the mute to the textile stocking at the extremity of the string (this will damage the string, and may cause the mute to fall off and be lost), but rather on the metal winding or the plain gut.

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