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If you choose the personalised engraving option, please contact me before placing your order to state the details of your request.

Delivery times will be increased by 2 weeks.

1 black horn mute, 'Orchester' or 'Solo'

SKU: 364215376135191
VAT Included
You will be informed by email of the date of dispatch and the tracking number of the order.
  • Mutes for violin and viola are the same, but they exist in two thicknesses ("Orchester", heavier, and "Solo", lighter), and in two categories of horn, the all black one ( "schwwarz"black label), or the coloured one in different shades ("faarweg", red label).

    The two different thicknesses (i.e. weights) modify the spectrum of harmonics differently, giving two different palettes of muted tone. The lighter model doesn't necessarily mute more than the heavier one: it depends of each individual instrument.

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