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Precautions for use

Every bridge is particular, and our mutes, although designed to be immediately usable on the vast majority of instruments, can sometimes prove to be too open or on the contrary too tight for a given bridge. This is why it is important for the user to know how to evaluate, before purchasing, if his bridge is not much thicker or much thinner than the average.

For violin and viola (these mutes work for both instrument types): it is easy to adjust the slit of the mute yourself on the bridge, by slightly heating the mute with a hair dryer and deforming it in the desired way, before it cools down to regain all of its original mechanical properties. See our video tutorial (coming).

For the cello, there are two types of mute:

  • Wider opening, in principle rather for Belgian bridge.

  • Tighter opening, in principle rather for French bridge.


It is of course always possible to exchange free of charge, within 30 days, an article whose dimensions are not suitable for the instrument for which it is intended. Beyond this period, new shipping costs will have to be charged.

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