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our horn

To offer you the most beautiful mutes, we use the horn of the following domestic species:

Buffle domestique.png
Bande papier vergé clair.png
  • thewater buffalo(Bubalus bubalis), which gives the black horn of the models of the 'Standard' range but also lighter and translucent horns.

Bande papier vergé clair.png
  • thedomestic ox(bos taurus), whose opaque horn is veined with different colors.

Boeuf domestique.png
Bélier domestique.png
Bande papier vergé clair.png
  • theram(Ovis aries), with a very homogeneous and smooth horn, generally light.

Bande papier vergé clair.png

We only use horn from domestic breeds, which are not rare or endangered species. There is therefore no problem to travel with in most countries of the world.

The horn is a by-product of slaughter (otherwise used for cutlery or crushed to make fertilizer) or recovered after the natural death of the animal. However, the use of the horn does not in itself require any slaughter: on the contrary, the older an animal is, the larger and thicker its horns will be, which is the first quality sought by those who work it.

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